Sensei Frank Sasso

Sensei Frank Sasso, Shichi-Dan, 7th degree Black Belt in Goju Shorei, has over 40 years Martial Arts experience, having taught at Karate, at Kung Fu, and at Tae Kwon Do Schools in Arizona, as well as having owned his own dojo in Northlake, Illinois, for many years.

Sensei Sasso is a Role Model whose rank, experience, achievements, certification, and character of giving back to the students and the community have been attested to by over 20 Black Belts from different styles and by a Board of Masters.

            Among his many achievements, Sensei Sasso has authored a book entitled, “Sparring is My Forte,” been acknowledged “Certificate of Rank” by Black Dragon World Martial Arts Institute and by Black Dragon Fighting Society College of Martial Arts. He was awarded the title of Renshi* by his Martial Arts peers, and was elected to Sparring Director of World Records of ATERU, as well as having been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame; and will be inducted into the Masters of Martial Arts Hall of Fame in August 2012.

Sensei is known for his willingness to teach pro bono to students who have shown a
true interest in the martial arts.

*Renshi: A title given to a high rank teacher in the Japanese style by his peers, meaning “polished expert”.
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