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Sensei Frank Sasso

Our Sensei, Master Frank Sasso, has been awarded the titles of Renshi and Shihan, but humbly prefers to be addressed as Sensei.

Sensei Sasso, Shichi-Dan, 7th degree Black Belt Master in the Goju Shorei style of Karate, has over 45 years Martial Arts experience, and has taught at Karate, at Kung Fu, and at Taekwondo Schools in Arizona, as well as having owned his own dojo in Northlake, Illinois, for many years. Sensei is also certified to instruct Tai Chi, and has developed his own style of Western Tai Chi. Sensei is a Role Model whose rank, experience, achievements, certification, and character of giving back to the students and the community have been attested to by over 20 Black Belts from different styles and by a Board of Masters.

Among his many achievements, Sensei Sasso has authored a book entitled, “Sparring is My Forte,” been acknowledged “Certificate of Rank” by Black Dragon World Martial Arts Institute and by Black Dragon Fighting Society College of Martial Arts, and was elected to Sparring Director of World Records of ATERU.

He was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2001, the Masters of Martial Arts Hall of Fame with a Golden Life Achievement Award in August, 2012, and the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2013 as a Distinguished Master.

by Sensei Barbara Hofmann

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